Ray Miller has spent his life in service to his country and community, as an Air Force veteran, a certified veteran service officer, a chemical dependency counselor, and many community service roles. Now Ray wants to serve Snohomish County on the County Council. Ray believes in responsive and compassionate government, fiscal responsibility, living wage jobs, affordable housing, and safe, walkable neighborhoods.

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Ray Needs You!

And So Does Snohomish County!

Ray has many titles behind his name that demonstrates his involvement, his commitment and his promise to make our communities better. It is what Ray does behind the scenes without recognition or a title that makes him stand out. He cares about people – all people. He wants change. He fights for what is right.

– Annie Holt, colleague and friend of Ray Miller

Meet Ray

Ray is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, a Tuskegee Airman, who has dedicated his life to serving others. His empathy grows out of his own experience as a disabled veteran from the Vietnam Era.

Ray is the only person in this race  to have been previously elected by District 1 voters.

He is an elected member of the Snohomish County Charter Review Commission for District 1. Nominated by the Snohomish County Executive, Ray serves on the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission. Ray was appointed to the Washington State Salaries Commission by Gov. Inslee.

In 2016 he was awarded the Henry M. Jackson National Service Award.

Ray is a husband, a father and a grandfather. He makes his home in Marysville with his wife Jennifer Miller.

Ray Miller has a bold vision for Snohomish County and the experience and track record to make it happen. Snohomish County is already the best place to live, work, and play. Let’s work together to preserve what we love and improve what’s not working.


Would you like to live in a walkable community, where schools, neighborhood restaurants, corner stores, and other amenities are within a 20 minute walk or bicycle ride of your home? Where every community has easy access to greenbelts and parks? Cities and towns around the country are doing this and we can do it too. Ray Miller has extensive experience building coalitions that can create this kind of positive change.

Jobs and Businesses

We need to bring more living wage jobs to the county. Currently 190,000 people commute out of the county each day to work. This creates traffic, pollution, stress, and long work days. The Arlington-Marysville Manufacturing Industrial Center (MIC) is a 1,762 acre area near the Arlington Airport set aside for industrial and manufacturing business development. Ray Miller will work to bring good, high-tech jobs to the MIC and other parts of the County so you can work closer to home, which builds our local economy while reducing commutes.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the our economy. They are more likely to source supplies from other small businesses so they keep more money in the local economy. They are also what makes each town unique and interesting. Ray Miller will work with folks who want to start small businesses to remove barriers and help find the resources that new businesses need to succeed. Ray has been a small business owner himself and has helped veterans and others start businesses. He has lots of ideas for improving the small business climate and he is eager to hear your ideas as well.

Safe & Prosperous Communities

There is a nationwide crisis of homelessness and opiate abuse and Snohomish County is not immune. These problems cause great suffering for those experiencing them and create a ripple effect of increasing crime. Ray Miller will focus on solving the root causes of these problems rather than just applying costly bandaids.

It is getting harder for people to afford housing even when they work full time. Ray Miller will work to bring more jobs with better wages to the County and will build a broad coalition to look into affordable housing solutions that have worked in other areas. In his previous work as a veteran’s services advocate, Ray has helped thousands of homeless veterans get jobs or build businesses and get back into stable housing.

Currently there is only shelter for 50-60% of those who need it and all of that is provided by private non-profit organizations. Ray Miller will help the County find funds for short-term shelter while working on longer term solutions, such as the Housing First program that he was involved in pioneering at the Veterans Administration. Salt Lake City and other jurisdictions have found that Housing First is less expensive than homelessness because of the high cost of emergency and law enforcement services required to constantly deal with homelessness.

Ray Miller understands that substance abuse is highly correlated with trauma and should be viewed as a medical problem which requires compassionate and effective treatment as well as prevention, education, and law enforcement.

Prevention: Ray Miller has previously advised school districts on smoking cessation programs at the middle school level that were very effective. A similar approach can be taken to educate children, at the appropriate age, so that they are less likely to use drugs as they become young adults.

Education: At the Veteran’s Administration, Ray Miller was involved in the design and implementation of programs to help family and friends recognize early signs of trauma or addiction in returning veterans so they could get treatment as early as possible, before a small problem cascades into larger problems of divorce, job loss, and homelessness. A similar program could be offered to the general public to help catch addiction problems early when treatment is easier and before additional problems arise like homelessness or criminality.

Treatment: There are more people who want treatment than there are spots available in treatment programs. When a person has a broken leg we don’t tell them to come back in a month when a bed is available. Ray Miller believes we need to adopt this same medical model of treatment when a person shows up requesting mental health or addiction treatment. He will work hard to find funding for treatment for all those who want it. Numerous studies show that investing in people’s health has a huge return for the economy because it lets people return to contributing to the community and the economy rather than to the costly problems of homelessnes and crime.

Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System: law enforcement has daily contact with the homeless and with addicts and has valuable insights into aspects of these problems. Ray Miller will work closely with law enforcement and other County services to ensure that responses to these problems are humane, compassionate, and effective. Diversion programs (such as drug court) have proven very effective in getting people into treatment and out of the cycle of homelessness, addiction, and crime.

Responsive and Transparent Government

Ray Miller believes that citizens have the right to have a voice in how their tax dollars are spent and to have practical access to services which their tax dollars pay for. As a member of the Charter Review Commission, Ray was instrumental in revising the County Charter to require that County Council meetings occur at least once each year in each part of the county after 6pm so that people who work during the day can still have an opportunity to attend County Council meetings. To provide even more access to County government, as a Council member, Ray will hold regular office hours on a monthly basis in each part of District 1 so that citizens are able to talk to a County Council member and get assistance with County services without having to travel all the way to Everett.

Ray Miller will also work to make County government as transparent as possible so that people can be in control of their government instead of vice versa. During his military career, Ray has managed operational facilities with 300+ employees and a $130 million budget so he is not new to management and budgeting.


Protecting farmland is vital to our economy and to our ability to provide healthy, local food to our population (food resilience). Ray Miller will support zoning protection so that farmland is not sold off for development. He will work closely with farmers to ensure that Snohomish County supports initiatives that promote healthy and sustainable farming practices that benefit farmers, consumers, and the local economy.

Environment and Sustainability

Our forests, coastlines, marshes, and rivers are not just beautiful but are important natural resources which must be protected and managed sustainably so that future generations can enjoy them as we have. Ray Miller supports sensible management of our forests, using selective harvesting to preserve their beauty and recreational benefit. He opposes clear cutting because forests play an important role in carbon balance, reducing runoff, keeping our rivers clear to support salmon, and preventing landslides. Ray also supports preservation of marshes and wetlands because they are critical for flood control, wildlife habitat, and ground water recharge.

Social Justice

Ray Miller cares about people and caring matters because when you care you go the extra mile to see that county government is really working for everyone. Ray also understands that our community is strongest and most innovative when we embrace diversity. That’s why he has served on the County Human Rights Commission and worked to find ways for the county to promote non-discrimination in hiring and procurement. He also served on the County Charter Review Commission and helped to make the County Human Rights Commission a permanent part of the County’s charter so that it can’t be eliminated by political whim.


Congressman Rick Larsen
Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers
Snohomish County Council Member Brian Sullivan
Snohomish County Council Member Stephanie Wright
State Senator John McCoy
State Representative Mike Sells
State Representative June Robinson
State Representative John Lovick
Reverend Paul Benz
Bishop James E. Hicks
State Representative Tina Orwell
State Senator Marilyn Chase
Dr. Janice Greene, Snohomish County NAACP President
Jennie Wieland
Reverend. Phillip Lewis, Stanwood Democratic Club
Ms. Laura Lewis, Stanwood Democratic Club
Snohomish County Democrats
10th Legislative Democrats
38th Legislative Democrats
39th Legislative Democrats
44th Legislative Democrats
Snohomish County Labor Council
IBEW 191
Equal Rights Washington
Alliance for Gun Responsibility
Sierra Club
Tulalip Tribes
FUSE Washington
and many more!

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Veteran Services: As a nationally certified veteran’s advocate, I have built programs to help veterans in Snohomish County to overcome addiction, mental health issues and poverty.
As the county council member from District 1, I will be the public advocate that the veterans in our communities need.
My support for the men and women in our Armed Forces is one of my highest personal priorities.

Ray Miller with JJ Frank of the YMCA in Marsyville, State Rep. John Lovick and Tulalip Tribal Council Member Mel Sheldon taking part in United Marysville & Tulalip.

Above: Ray Miller with J.J. Franks executive director of the YMCA in Marysville, State Rep. John Lovick and Tulalip Tribal Council Member Mel Sheldon at an event celebrating the unity between the city of Marysville and the Tulalip Tribes. The Tulalip Tribes has endorsed Ray Miller for the Snohomish County Council in District 1, which begins on the northern border of the reservation.

Ray with Teresa “Flying Eagle” Baird, The Founder and President of Healing Hearts in Hope Veterans Retreat Center in Granite Falls, WA.

Norman Robison, USMC Veteran and Vice President, his wife Kathy, and Teresa “Flying Eagle” Baird.



Left side is Ray Miller with Congressman Stanford Bishop of Georgia, Co-Chair of the Congressional Military Family Caucus.

Fighting Opioid Addiction

As mental health counselor, I bring my professional experience and training to county efforts to fight the epidemic of opioid addiction in Snohomish County. And I will join together with Snohomish County to find real answers to this too real problem in our families and our communities.

—Ray Miller

Office hours in District 1: What North Snohomish needs is access to county officials and programs. I will hold regular office hours and increase access county representatives and programs to District 1.

Transportation: We will look for money to support big projects, but even when money isn’t available, we will work together to make sure our residents can get where they need to go safely and efficiently.

Economic Development: I have created statewide business development programs and I will work to develop the business opportunities that allow residents to work and live North Snohomish County.

Homelessness: I have helped more than 1,000 veterans and their families go from homeless to housed. I will work with North Snohomish County to find resources and solutions to help those struggling with homelessness.


I will work for the people of North Snohomish County to make sure that their interests are represented in the county government’s decisions. And I will hold regular office hours in north county from Darrington to Stanwood to Marysville to ensure all of our voices are heard and taken seriously.
— Ray Miller

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Phone: 206-579-0901