Key Facts:

  • Makes his home in Marysville with his wife Jennifer
  • Father of 5 grown children, Grandfather of 13 grandchildren
  • Vice Chair of Snohomish County’s Charter Review Commission
  • Commissioner on the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission
  • Appointed by Gov. Inslee to the Washington State Salaries Commission
  • Vice Chair of the Marysville Diversity Committee
  • A National Veteran Service Officer
  • President and Founder of Vets Place Northwest-Welcome Home
  • Past chair of the National Coordinating Committee of  the National Association for Black Veterans, Inc.
  • U.S. Air Force, Vietnam Era veteran
  • Graduated from Evergreen State College with B.A. of Political Science

To the left: Ray with some of his grandchildren, enjoying the sun in the backyard of his Marysville home.

Excerpted from Veteran helps others navigate complicated system of services
By Chris Winter and published Wed. Nov 4th, 2015

….“For a lot of people, readjustment to civilian life is traumatic,” Ray Miller said.

He said there are 75,000 veterans living in Snohomish County, and while most of them probably don’t need critical help, the county only has two veterans service officers on its staff.

“We’re not maximizing our effort, in my opinion,” he said.

He has dialed back his work, in that he’s no longer visiting homeless shelters or looking for people in marginal circumstances.

“But if they come to me, get my phone number and give me call, I’m going to keep putting them in the right place,” Miller said.

Ray’s Work for Our Service Disabled Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces

Ray will bring the care he has given to service disabled veterans to the people of North Snohomish County as the District One County Council Member. Here is more about Ray’s background:

Ray is a nationally certified veteran service officer and veteran advocate authorized by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans for the purpose of filing claims for benefits and discharge upgrade services.

Ray has helped more than 1000 veterans and their families go from homelessness to either owning their own homes or have secured long term stable housing.

As a National Veteran Service Officer he has helped veterans and their families receive more than $1.5 billion dollars in benefits and services from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs.